Welcome to St. Joseph Parish!

St. Joseph Parish serves all the people of the villages of Scituate, Rhode Island (Chopmist Hill, Clayville, Hope, Potterville, and North Scituate) as well as parts of western Johnston.  Founded in 1939, this parish was established to serve the Catholics of the region and to provide the Sacraments of the Church and teachings of Jesus Christ.  We have grown from a small handful of believers to now a community of about 1300 families.  As you will discover in viewing our website, we are a vibrant people of God, involved in the religious education of our young people and in outreach to those in need beyond our borders.

Our current bulletin may be found HERE

Our latest streamed Mass is September 19th, 2020 

IMPORTANT FLU SHOT CLINIC NEWS:  Due to the Coronavirus there are new regulations for our Annual Flu Shot Clinic.  There will be no sign up sheets, no walk in registrations and no registration forms available.  If you intend to get your flu shot here on September 27th, you must pre-register on line.  You must go to “schoolflu.com” and scroll down to the St. Joseph Church registration page.  There you will find the registration form exactly like the form you would fill out regularly.  Fill out all the information and pick a time slot to come for your shot.  You can register up to 5 people at a time.  You will be able to print out your confirmation form.  Please make sure you come at your assigned time in order to have proper social distancing in line.  

PLEASE REMEMBER – NO WALK INS FOR FLU SHOTS THIS YEAR.  As usual anyone over 3 years of age can receive the flu shot. 


Special Information concerning our parish life due to the Coronavirus outbreak
  1. Masks will be required to be worn by anyone age 3 and older throughout the Mass with removal only at the time of reception of Holy Communion.
  2. Though hand sanitizer will be located at the exits to the church, it would be helpful if you also use a small bottle from your purse or pocket.
  3. The church will need to be sanitized after each Mass with a special effort and attention to highly used areas (door handles, pews and kneelers, and restricted use of bathrooms). A different team of housekeeping volunteers needs to be recruited in order to prepare the church for the next Mass. Please let Fr. Grenon know if you can help
  4. Pews will be marked off identifying eligible seating. At the present time, we expect that the allowed seating capacity will be somewhere around 125 parishioners. Pews will be marked off where families will be able to sit together, while other individuals will be asked to sit six feet apart from each other.
  5. Communion will be distributed reverently and with abundant care as the priest and deacon will distribute communion.
  6. Since we have to exercise caution and not be touching anything that has been used or touched by someone else, hymnals and missalettes will be removed from the church. Some may feel comfortable bringing a personal copy of Magnificat/or Word Among Us, but you must take it home with you as you leave.


  1. The obligation to attend Mass continues to be abrogated for the time being. We recommend that you prayerfully consider the risk of attending Mass regardless of your age or the existence of any underlying health conditions. As has been repeatedly recommended over the past few months, we remind you to stay home if you are not feeling well, if you have a fever or a cough,  or if you are concerned about your risk of exposure for any reason.
  2. Remember, if you are 60 years and older or if you are responsible for the well-being of anyone, you are advised to participate in the live-streamed Mass that will continue to be offered for those who cannot join us in church.
  3. If you are able to join us for Mass in person, you will need to sign up in advance. You will need to notify the rectory via phone and receive a confirmation indicating which Mass, you will be in attendance.
  4. Upon arriving at Church, you will need to arrive early in order to sign in and then wait to be escorted to your seat. Because the Church seating capacity will be reconfigured, the seat that you are accustomed to using for Mass, may not be able to be used.
  5. Remember the rules of social distancing, also no handshakes and avoid any congregating anywhere in the church or our parking facility.

Thank you! Try your best and let’s remember to pray for each other!

Can’t wait to see you, but most of all pray together as the parish of St. Joseph’s.                       Fr.   Paul R. Grenon