Strawberry Festival Wish List

Our Strawberry Festival will be upon us soon (June 22).  We are looking for a few “Angels” to help defray the cost of the event.  Any monetary donations would be greatly appreciated.  Send them to Donna at the Rectory.

Also, we are looking to borrow a few Large baking ovens to cook the hams.  If you have one, let us know.

We will be having a basket raffle, if anyone wishes to donate a basket it would be great.

We are still looking for help on June 20,21 and 22 both for preparation, serving at the dinner.

Last but not least, please support your parish by attending the dinner.  Tickets are being sold after all masses for the next two weeks.  You can call Donna at 647-2255 or June @934-1149 to reserve your tickets.