Steubenville East

Steubenville East

July 12 – 14, 2019 // UMass Lowell


Who can I contact if I am interested?

Please contact either Larry or Andrea using the information under Contact Us.

Who can attend a Steubenville conference?

Youth participants must be age 18 or younger and incoming freshman through just graduated seniors. All chaperones must be 21 years of age or older. Since it is a high school youth conference, young adults ages 19 & 20 who wish to attend the conference should apply to volunteer at the conference as they cannot be registered with a group. Lastly, the conference is designed for groups, not individual registration. We ask that there be at least one adult and two teens registered per group.

How many adults need to come?

The required chaperone to youth ratio is 1 chaperone for up to every 8 youth gender specific (i.e. if 4 girls and 2 boys are attending, there must be at least 1 female AND 1 male chaperone). All chaperones will need to provide proof of completing your Diocesan Safe Environment requirements. No teenagers will be allowed to drive to or from the conference site.

Can group leaders and adult chaperones bring infants and children?

This is not allowed at Steubenville conferences. Although we strongly support Catholic family life, our staffing, facility constraints, and insurance regulations do not allow us to provide childcare. Meeting rooms are not designed for the care of young children. In addition, the focus of the Adult Chaperones/Group Leader need to be on the youth participants. If these adults bring their own children, their focus will be split. With the best care of the youth in mind, this is not allowed.

What about the bus driver?

Other housing arrangements must be made for bus drivers. The bus driver is not permitted into the conference unless they are a paid in full participant with the proper paperwork.

What if my teen has a disability?

Please inform TJ Poynor in the registration office as soon as possible of any special disability needs an individual in your group may have. For example, we can arrange to have an interpreter for someone who is hearing impaired during parts of the conference. We need to know this in advance, however, in order to do our best to accommodate your specific needs.

Where do we park?

We will be working with the site to determine the best place for buses, vans and cars to park. Please check back soon for more details. We will also include this in your welcome email prior to the conference.

Do you have scholarship money available?

We do have a limited amount of scholarship money available. To apply for these funds, please download the form here: Scholarship Form

For registration questions, contact TJ Poynor at

For conference questions, contact Jill Patten at

For general Life Teen/Steubenville questions, contact Erika Niehaus at

How do I register?

Please contact either Larry or Andrea using the information under Contact Us.